How to Prepare Your Home and Yourself for a Successful Year with Flying Star 2023 and More

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About Lunar New Year

This year Lunar New Year will be celebrated on January 22nd. This is the day when the Year of the Rabbit officially arrives. Lunar New Year happens on the first new moon of the lunar calendar. The New Year’s celebration is called Spring Festival and symbolizes the shift of the energy toward new beginnings.

Nearly a quarter of the world’s population including China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, celebrate a Lunar New Year with parades, festivals, concerts, lots of food and big family gatherings. Celebrations last two weeks and end on the full moon. The biggest Lunar New Year celebrations in the United States are in New York, Chicago and the Bay Area. “Rabbit years are associated with luck, longevity, peace and prosperity, and those born in a year of the rabbit are thought to be vigilant, witty and ingenious.” – a quote from

You can read about the highlights of the Year of the Rabbit in my previous article “A Message of Positivity for 2023, the Year of the Water Rabbit”. I’ve emphasized previously the importance of a home this year and attending to our inner affairs such as family, relationships and ourselves.

In this article I want to discuss how to prepare yourself and your home for a successful, joyful, fulfilling, and prosperous year.

Why Now is the Best Time to Prepare for the New Year?

Although we are in the middle of winter here in Northern America, we can feel that spring is on its way; the days are getting longer and the sun is shining brighter. There is a reason that the Lunar New Year is celebrated with a spring festival. It is about welcoming new energy and new possibilities. The Lunar New Year is always occurring on a new moon and there is no better time to prepare your home and yourself for a new year. New moon is also associated with new beginnings.

If we know what we want and align our home energy with it, our chances for a greater outcome will significantly increase. What you do in the next few days can make a difference for you in the months to come.

Things to Let Go Of

As always, I would address accumulated clutter first. Almost everyone has an increased amount of it after the holiday season. I guarantee it will feel really good to sort it out and let go of some things. “The underlying message that clutter sends is that you have to do something. This is a source of continuous stress.” – quote from my book “The Soulful Home Design Guide

Clutter in main areas

The areas where clutter affects us the most are the entryway, kitchen, and bedroom. If you haven’t done it yet, get into your clutter warrior mode and do it. Do not let the piles grow in your home and affect your physical and mental wellbeing.

Clutter in the fridge

I just did it a week ago! I cleaned it out and washed the entire fridge. I got rid of all expired dressings and condiments and all the rest of the old stuff. I love seeing the back of the fridge and the cleanliness of it! It gives me more clarity for keeping my meals super healthy. I commit to eating only fresh fruits and vegetables. I will buy less so I can use it while it is still fresh. This requires more mindfulness during my grocery shopping, but it is totally worth it if I want to feel healthy and vibrant. I intend to lose a few pounds as well. This should help. Later in the year I will talk some more about how Feng Shui can help with weight loss.

Unwanted gifts

If you don’t like the item itself or the person that gifted it to you, don’t overthink it, just let it go. Find a way to donate it. Someone else might actually enjoy it. It is not worth it when the item that has some negative emotional association occupies a precious space in your home and influences you.

Clean and Space Clear Your Home

After you declutter, give your home a nice deep physical clean. After your usual cleaning, consider ending your routine with this extra step.

Add a cup of white vinegar to a gallon (roughly) of warm water, a drop of soap and (optional) 20 or more drops of grapefruit or lemon essential oil. Wipe the surfaces including countertops, kitchen cabinets, all the knobs and handles, railing, and whatever else people touch. You can even wipe leather sofas and chairs. You can pat dry the surfaces right away if you are worried about damaging the wood or leather. This solution can be used on wood floors also. Or you can make a stronger solution for all non-wood surfaces and a weaker one for the wood surfaces. Make sure you wipe them dry right away.

Besides dissolving grease, adding vinegar adds another level of clearing energetic debris. You will especially enjoy the results if you had a guest(s) with toxic energy staying in your home over the holidays. We love our families, but the truth is we are not compatible with certain people’s energy and if we don’t do anything about it, our home’s energy becomes heavy and stagnant with time. Also the last few years were tough for many with additional stress, emotional instability and even sickness. This is why now your home will especially benefit from deep physical cleaning and energetic clearing. Believe it or not, a deep clean like this will get rid of stagnant and toxic energy 70-90%.

If you have time and desire, you can Space Clear your home after you clean it. There are Space Clearing tips in my article “Spring Home Rejuvenation” and Flying Star 2023 eGuide.

Find some quiet time and write down your intentions. If you keep aligning your home’s energy with your heart desires, you will feel much more supported, and your desires will have more chances to manifest.

Flying Star 2023

If you are a Feng Shui enthusiast, then you know that you can take it to another level with the Annual Flying Star (Xuan Kong) technique. It is an advanced technique, and it is very much valued by Feng Shui masters all around the Globe. It guides how to maximize your yearly outcome for prosperity and luck and minimize illness, troubles, and mishaps.

I myself have been using it for over fifteen years and I love results. Many of my clients claim that implementing it not only supports their goals but gives them a feeling of support and confidence that they will have a great year. The mindset alone is gold.

My eGuide Flying Star for 2023, the Year of the Water Rabbit is available for purchase.

Wishing you a prosperous, healthy and joyful year!



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