A Message of Positivity for 2023, the Year of the Water Rabbit

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In the last three years we experienced more negative emotions than positive. Whether it is Covid or political division or war in Ukraine, the feelings of fear, anger, helplessness, and loneliness created states of massive anxiety and despair. Some families are divided, our country is divided, and the world is divided more than before. It worries me, if we keep feeling these emotions for much longer, we will not be the same people anymore. We need to wake up, step up and see that we have a choice, we always have a choice! I am not talking about suppressing negative feelings, suppression never works, but mindfully and willfully put our attention onto something positive. It can be taking better care of our health, caring for each other, spending more time with friends, especially positive ones, and giving our soul some good food like creativity, joy, and beauty.

Writing my book, The Soulful Home Design Guide, during these last 2.5 years put me in a creative and positive state. I was affected by fear at the beginning of Covid, but when I put my attention onto writing, it literally saved me from most of the fear, tension, anxiety, and feeling of separation. Other people reported something similar. When they put their attention and energy on creating something positive, meaningful, and productive, it shifted their emotional state, and they were not affected as much by all the negativity around.

We don’t have to wait until the New Year but start it right now! Find something that gives joy and meaning right now and do it repeatedly until the new habit and the new pattern forms. It should be authentic to you though, not another responsibility on your already long to-do list, because it will not stick.

A spoiler: the Year of the Rabbit promises to be easier than the last three years and more peaceful. My 2022 E-Guide Flying Star for the Year of the Rabbit is coming out next week.

I wanted to share just a few highlights with you.

Highlights and Trends for the Year of the Water Rabbit

According to Chinese Astrology, Rabbits are peaceful, quiet, kind, and diplomatic. They are pleasant and responsible and will try to steer away from conflict and unpleasantness. If this translates to the energy of the year even to some degree that would be awesome.

2023 is a Yin Water Rabbit year. Rabbit’s elemental composition is Yin Wood. The year 2022 was the Yang Water Tiger year with Tiger being a Yang Wood Element. Typically, Yin Elements are more peaceful and less aggressive than Yang Elements. Yin Wood represents spring, creativity, new ideas, and gentle growth. The Yin Water makes the Rabbit more humble, and tolerant.

It is very much probable that the orientation will shift toward science, innovation as well as design, art, beauty, and creativity. Writing and marketing falls under the domain of Wood energy as well. There will be many new ideas born this year. Perhaps many new startups will sprout. I may sound naïve, but it would be great to shift our awareness toward this from all the conflict, fear, irritation, and political upheavals. It is hopeful!

Rabbits love comfort and their home is very important to them. They appreciate good design and fashion. I expect more people will be remodeling their homes and creating environments they deserve.


Highlights of the Flying Star for 2023

In the 2022 the malevolent star #5 was in the center bringing havoc and challenges of many kinds. In 2023 benevolent star #4 will occupy the center bringing a sense of relief to many households. It is not the most favorable star, but it is good enough.

Houses facing south and north will have the strongest prosperity stars and wealth and opportunities luck. If your house faces one of these directions, this might be a good year for you to make some prosperity related decisions such as changing jobs, asking for a raise, starting a new business, buying an investment property, etc. Money luck comes in unexpected ways too, but knowing this information makes you more confident and embracing the thought rather than doubting it.

My popular annual eGuide Flying Star 2023 is now available to order.

Once more I wanted to thank you all for the support of my book The Soulful home Design Guide. It’s gotten many amazing reviews on Amazon and a few on GoogReads and Barnes & Noble. It would make a wonderful holiday gift to your friends.

Here is a quote from the book:

Everything is connected. If enough people transform their homes into soulful spaces, this goodness, kindness, and love will spread and the Earth, our bigger home, will become a better place for everyone. Let it begin in your home, in one room. Bring love to one room, and it will spread. Love is an open concept. It cannot be contained; it needs to be expressed and shared.

Please help me to spread the message of positivity.

With warm and loving holiday wishes,


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