All the companies that I worked with report a boost of creativity and productivity, increased sales, and overall happier, healthier and more esthetically pleasing environments. Often the results are dramatic and consistent.
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Feng Shui is about beautiful looking and harmonious feeling environments where everything falls into a place as if it has found its role and belongs there. The goal is to create the most supportive and aesthetically pleasing environment for each family member.
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With the convenience of modern video software, magnetic field calculator and Google Maps it is gotten so much easier to perform an accurate Feng Shui assessment without actually being on site.
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The techniques of Feng Shui can be adapted to various situations, whether it is existing property or new development, large or small scale. Each consultation is unique and different as it is an interactive process. Your personal requirements and specifics of your land and built environment will influence what should be done. Recommendations will be based on your esthetics, design preferences and budget.
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Good Feng Shui always starts outside. The land will determine the prosperity and wellbeing of the occupants. Depending on the topography and qualities of the site, it will either support the occupants of the building or weaken them. If the site doesn’t have all the positive features, we can strengthen the site and compensate the negativity with landscaping.
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