What is Feng Shui

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese science and art of creating beautiful and balanced environments that are in harmony with people and nature.

Every place or physical object has an energy field or is energy itself. Some energies are supportive for people while others are not. The energy fields of a building, everything inside of it, and the surrounding land are in constant interaction with the energy fields of the people that live or work there. Through this energetic interaction, we influence our environment and it influences us, whether consciously or subconsciously.


Feng shui is used to balance the important factors in an environment in order to create the most optimal and harmonious space. With a deep understanding of how this process works, a feng shui expert can manipulate the flow of energy within a space to support the goals of the occupants and enhance their overall well-being. Feng shui addresses not only how an environment looks, but how it feels, and how it influences us on a subconscious level.

How do we use Feng Shui?

For an individual, feng shui is usually used within the home to enhance any number of personal outcomes. Success, wealth, health, career goals, inspiration, creativity, relationships, family harmony, and self development can all be addressed with feng shui. On the institutional or business level, feng shui has variety of tools to enhance productivity, efficiency, creativity, satisfaction, and overall success.

It is not well known in the west that feng shui deals with more than just elements of design. It addresses the entire architecture and location of a building. Traditionally, feng shui is used from the very beginning, before a building’s construction, in finding the right lot and position for the new structure. This ensures that the building will be in harmony with the surrounding landscape and existing structures, and that its energy will be supportive and bring good fortune for the occupants.


Most likely, feng shui principles were not used in the construction or selection of your building but you can still benefit tremendously from a consultation. This is how feng shui is typically used in the west, to address specific issues in existing homes or commercial locations. Feng shui can help create the most nurturing and welcoming environment that will reflect your personal energy and add to your wellbeing. And, if you are having trouble with your career, relationships, health or finances, it’s possible that your home or office has issues that are contributing to the negative situation. A feng shui expert can recognize and correct these problems to help you overcome your difficulties.

Feng Shui Techniques

Some feng shui techniques are not difficult to understand while others are extremely complicated.

Several new techniques have been developed within the last century to accommodate the transition to an urban life style and other changes in the way we live. Feng shui continues to evolve today to improve results for in the modern setting by incorporating research in environmental science, physics and psychology.


Natalia uses the following feng shui techniques in her practice.


Form analysis is based on physical observation of a particular site. Traditionally, four mystical animals are identified in the landscape: the tortoise, dragon, tiger and phoenix. These are used to map out the flow of chi. In practical terms, the site’s location, the surrounding structures, the building itself and its interior are taken into account to understand and optimize the flow of energy.


This technique is used to determine if an environment’s energy is too high or too low. An analysis of a building’s position, architecture, and the personal energy of the occupants determines how to balance a particular space.


The Five Elements represent five different types of energy. Wood is rising, fire is expanding, earth is sinking, metal is concentrated and water is floating energy. A large part of the analysis will provide understanding on what type of energy is needed in a certain space. Introducing the right type of energy can balance and enhance each area or neutralize negative influences.


The Bagua deals with compass directions and their relation to various aspects of our life. All eight compass directions have different energetic properties which the Bagua relates to specific personal factors such as career, self-development, family harmony, wealth, fame, personal relationships, children and helpful people (mentors, clients, etc.). Depending on what needs to be enhanced, a corresponding compass sector of a home or business can be targeted and energized.

One can also think of the Bagua as a clever solar design. For example, the southeast has the beautiful energy of the rising sun. The SE corresponds to wealth, because it is good to have a similar rising energy in our financial matters. Not surprisingly, it is considered good luck for a business to have an entrance in the SE. In the home we want to harness and enhance the energy of this sector by having an important room there such as a kitchen, dining room, living room or bedroom, rather than a bathroom, garage or storage.


This system is used to construct a type of horoscope for a building. It is based on the time of a building’s construction and a precise measurement of its position in space performed with a Lo Pan Compass. Flying Star addresses the change in chi over time for a structure as a whole and also for particular rooms. It allows one to predict outcomes in a particular space for wealth, health, romance, academic success or possibly fire, theft and other unlucky events. It is very helpful in preventing or minimizing undesirable outcomes and strengthening the desirable ones. The system is extensively used in China and Hong Kong by many practitioners, often as the most important and primary technique.


This system is primarily used to relate the building and its occupants. It provides information on a person’s most auspicious directions. It is used to strengthen personal chi and success by orienting the occupant accordingly in the building. It can be integrated into the decision of how to orient furniture such as beds and desks.


This form of feng shui astrology is the fullest and most in-depth system for determining a person’s tendencies in regard to character, health, relationships, wealth and creativity, along with times when personal luck will be enhanced or weakened. Chinese astrology uses the relationship between the Five Elements, Eight Trigrams and Yin/Yang at a person’s birth, and over time, rather than constellations.

Four Pillars of Destiny information is derived from an individual’s date, time and place of birth. The results enable us to reach a profound self understanding and to strengthen ourselves by determining our supportive elements and balancing the Five Elements and Yin/Yang. This system is also used to determine auspicious and inauspicious timing for specific events. It is a very powerful technique when combined with feng shui.

Non-Feng Shui Techniques


Geopathology (”geo” – earth, “pathology” – the study of illness) is a field that has been developed in Germany over the past seventy years. It studies the influence of earth energies on a person’s health. Harmful earth energies can be caused by underground watercourses, earth fault lines and so called earth grids which can be detected by dowsing.

In general, it is prudent not to spend too much time in places that are affected by these stressed energies and especially to avoid placing your bed and desk in such areas. European studies have shown a significant correlation between chronic health issues and geopathic stress. The body’s energy is slowly drained by spending significant amounts of time sleeping or sitting in affected areas. This weakens the immune system which often results in disturbed sleep patterns, tiredness and the development of some chronic illnesses.


In modern environments we are surrounded with an ever-growing number of electronic devices that emanate electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Various studies confirm that there can be a health impact depending on the strength of radiation and the length of exposure. The biggest sources outside of a building are high voltage electrical lines and cell phone towers. The biggest sources within a building are electrical distribution panels, transformers, electrical clocks and microwaves, to name a few.

It is important to measure the levels of EMR to understand its potential impact and how to eliminate it.


Ceremonies and rituals are a way of accessing invisible energies and the quickest way of transforming stagnant and draining energies into vibrant and supportive ones. Space Clearing may include the cleansing of negative energies left in a place by a predecessor, geopathic stress, or energies have resulted from sickness, heavy emotions and unlucky events. Blessing ceremonies are a way of communicating our goals and dreams to the universe to get additional support by aligning our space with our best intentions.

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