Feng Shui is about beautiful looking and harmonious feeling environments where everything falls into a place as if it has found its role and belongs there.

New Development

From choosing the right plot to working with architectural plans and later on finishing design touches, I will guide you to build the most supportive and harmonious home where your family will prosper and thrive

Services include but not limited to:

  • selecting a prosperous and healthy site for your dream home
  • assessment of the plot and its surroundings
  • choosing the best placement and orientation for the building
  • groundbreaking ceremony
  • analysis of architectural plans to determine the best layout and room placement
  • design stage which includes interior and exterior color and material selection
  • advice on art, furniture, accessories, and their placement
  • analysis of landscape plans and suggestions on landscape design
  • building blessing ceremony

Residential Remodeling and Additions

There is no better time to implement Feng Shui principles than when you are planning to remodel.

I love consulting on remodeling projects because there are so many opportunities to create the perfect environment and a fresh start for my clients. A tasteful application of color, shapes and materials while honoring your aesthetics, taste and architectural style of your home will create the most nourishing and beautiful environment.

Remodeling services include:

  • full site assessment
  • review of architectural plans
  • correct placement for an addition
  • room design suggestions
  • interior color and material selection
  • exterior color selection
  • landscape corrections and design ideas

Existing Homes

Creating an environment is so much more than applying techniques. It is not a mechanical thing at all.

Half of it is understanding what aspect of our life and what feeling we want to support in the space. The end result is often quite subtle visually, but there is a sense of wellbeing, harmony and joy. You are not going to achieve this if you apply principles mechanically and compartmentalize and treat the areas of the house as your “wealth” or your “relationships corner”.  It is a holistic and multilayered process.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • assessment of the Feng Shui properties of the land
  • analysis of the traffic patterns, shape of the lot, the building, and its orientation
  • assessment of the energy patterns and flow inside the house
  • wall color selection
  • recommendations for selection and placement of furniture, art, accessories, materials and nature objects
  • suggestions on how to mitigate negative or destructive factors if they exist
  • advice on how to energize certain areas within your home to enhance prosperity, relationships, creativity, children’s education, family harmony and more
  • measurements of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and dowsing for geopathic stress zones in areas where people spend significant amounts of time
  • Space Clearing and Blessing ceremony
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