Commercial Services

I have consulted for a wide range of businesses, from small offices to large technical companies.

My list of business clients includes medical and dental offices, downtown Boston financial institutions, software and manufacturing companies, electronics sales companies, retail stores, restaurants, architectural and real estate companies, offices of politicians, law offices, acupuncture, massage and chiropractic offices, yoga studios, art galleries, MIT and Harvard university staff offices, nonprofit organizations, and others.

New Space

There is no better time to work with a feng shui practitioner than when you are considering building a new business space, relocating to another building or remodeling an existing space.

Our goal is to ensure that the site and the architectural layout would support the prosperity of the company and wellbeing of the employees as well as maximize the potential for recognition.

All the companies that I worked with report a boost of creativity and productivity, increased sales, and overall happier, healthier and more esthetically pleasing environments. Often the results are very dramatic and consistent.

The Feng Shui services include a full assessment of the site, input on the architectural layout, and choosing materials, colors and decor to maximize the potential for success and recognition.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • evaluation of Feng Shui qualities and the energy potential of a new site and building
  • analysis of the architectural plans and recommendations on a space layout
  • best placement for the reception area, executive offices and other key areas
  • offices layout and design
  • materials selection
  • wall color selection
  • lighting recommendation
  • recommendations for new furniture, art, décor and plants
  • advise on eco-friendly design elements

Existing Space

I will evaluate your space and offer suggestions to help create a productive, successful and welcoming environment.

In the offices that I worked with, employees report less stress and more happiness. Business owners report attracting new opportunities, increased sales, and overall more harmony.

A typical consultation includes

  • site assessment and exterior recommendations
  • floor plan analysis
  • reception and waiting area redesign
  • individual offices analysis and design recommendations
  • evaluation and improvement of flow and interactions between various parts of the business or different departments
  • ideas for furniture, art, décor and arrangement
  • wall color recommendation
  • lighting recommendation
  • electro-magnetic fields measurements

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