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My Expertise

My work helps to create beautiful, prosperous, productive and healthy environments. Tested by hundreds of projects, support from the environment will help to bring new and better business opportunities, creativity to develop new strategies and overall happiness.

From choosing the right plot to working with architectural plans and later on finishing design touches, I will guide you to build the most nourishing and harmonious home where your family will prosper and thrive.

There is no better time to implement Feng Shui principles than when you are planning to remodel. I love consulting on remodeling projects because there are so many opportunities to create the perfect environment and a fresh start for my clients.

Feng Shui is about beautiful looking and harmonious feeling environments where everything falls into a place as if it has found its role and belongs there. People feel happy, inspired and relaxed.

Good Feng Shui always starts outside. Imagine coming home after a stressful day at work and immersing yourself into a beautiful, tranquil garden where in less than 10 minutes you feel rebalanced and recharged.


Natalia Kaylin is a feng shui consultant, educator and expert in creating inspiring and supportive environments.

She has consulted on countless projects in the greater Boston area in both residential and commercial settings.


It was a once in a lifetime experience to create a home this special and custom for my family. I could not have done it without you! It was pretty awesome that we were able to choose the best lot and facing direction together and create a custom floor plan that is Feng Shui supported all the way through! I love our new home! I could stay here every day and all day; it feels so good! It was a lot of work and effort as you thoroughly focused on all the aspects of the home and brought your expertise to life in this project. I am incredibly grateful for you!

JoAnn K.

Andover, MA

I have been slowly implementing the suggestions you gave me. The house looks much better, cleaner lines. I got the outside work done and it made such a difference. Things are good. Business is so busy I am having a hard time keeping up, I am hiring an assistant to help me out. I have lost about 10 lbs and continue to drop. And I am in a wonderful relationship now!


Littleton, MA

Thank you so much!!! I have already implemented most of your suggestions and I have just sold five of my paintings at my very first art exhibit out west. I am on my way to being a famous artist!!! Thank you for inspiring me to paint.

Scott was just given a raise and a nice bonus at work. We have many new friends now and have been invited to many parties and events. All of what we wanted came through as a result of working with you!

Rochelle Carr

Carlisle, MA

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