With the convenience of modern video software, magnetic field calculator and Google Maps it is gotten so much easier to perform an accurate Feng Shui assessment without actually being on site.

It is especially valuable for those who don’t have a Feng Shui expert in their area. Natalia has consulted for clients Residential and Commercial from all around the world with great results.

You will need to provide:

  • Property address
  • Floor plans (architectural or hand drawn)
  • Photographs of the interior and exterior or a virtual tour
  • Your DOB
  • The year of completion of the construction of the building

What does the remote consultation involve?

After we schedule a consultation you will receive a questionnaire.

Your answers will provide Natalia with details about your personal situation, your relation to your space and understanding what areas of your life you would like to work on.

Natalia uses the following techniques in her assessment of your situation:

  • Form analysis of your plot and floor plans
  • Calculating a building’s facing direction
  • Creating a compass based Bagua map on your floor plan
  • Creating and analyzing a Flying Star chart
  • Calculating your favorable directions Ming Gua and a building’s favorable directions Ba Zai
  • Creating your Four Pillars of Destiny chart (personal Chinese Astrological chart based on Five Elements)


Recommendations will depend on your personal requirements and specifics of your land and building. They will be based on your aesthetic tastes, cultural preferences and budget.

I will make suggestions on how to optimally arrange existing furniture and accessories within your space. Often you will be advised to incorporate new art, accessories, plants, or natural elements. If you are in the market for new furniture or accessories, we will discuss what the best colors, shapes and textures are. You will be given a list of examples that may work for you from various online stores. New wall colors are often a part of a consultation. Landscape advice will also be given if applicable.

You will receive via email

A full written report of a consultation that will consist of the following:

  • Property and building assessment write up
  • Scans of your floor plans with the Bagua chart and Flying Star calculation
  • Your favorable directions calculations
  • Your Four Pillars of Destiny chart report
  • Design recommendations and links with examples of colors, art, furniture, accessories, plants and talismans.


We will schedule a Zoom session to discuss the results of the assessment and recommendations.

Real Estate remote evaluation

Remote consultation works great for a Real Estate evaluation.

A property listing provides almost with all the information needed for the consult.

A brief Feng Shui real estate assessment is one of the best and most practical investments you can make for your future home. This will ensure that the home is right for you and will support your family’s wealth and health. This assessment is very practical and will concisely cover everything from feng shui aspects to space utilization and remodeling considerations.

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