What does a Feng Shui consultation involve?

The techniques of Feng Shui can be adapted to various situations, whether it is existing property or new development, large or small scale. Each consultation is unique and different as it is an interactive process. Your personal requirements and specifics of your land and built environment will influence what should be done. Recommendations will be based on your esthetics, design preferences and budget.

Feng Shui is both science and art and a Feng Shui expert understands that there is always more than one way to shift the energy of a space. Techniques, calculations and compass measurements are the science; the art is how we apply it.

During a consultation I will make suggestions on how to arrange furniture and accessories optimally within your space. We will discuss what the best colors, shapes and textures for you would be if you are shopping for new furniture and accessories. New wall colors are often part of a consultation and I may suggest that you incorporate new art, plants, or natural elements. I can also give guidance on landscape or garden design.  Additionally, I dowse for Geopathic Stress and do measurements of potentially harmful Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR)within your home or office.

If you are getting ready to remodel, paint, or build a new addition, Feng Shui can be used ensure your time, energy, and money are well spent. During this early stage we can make a bigger impact by addressing architectural and structural issues such as the placement of walls and doors as well as interior and exterior color schemes.

Some clients choose to use Feng Shui at earlier stages of new development such as evaluating the site and architectural plans before the land is purchased and the new construction began.

See the examples of my work and let me know about your project and how I can I help you.

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