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The Soulful Home Design Guide

The Soulful Home Design Guide | Natalia Kaylin

Fill Your Home and Life with Beauty, Love, Peace, and Prosperity

Your home is an extension of you. Through art, furniture, and other tokens of your time, your space tells your story. Your home reveals whether you are happy or sad, loved or lonely, content or anxious. Without an intentional touch, your home will tell a story you no longer want to live in.

In The Soulful Home Design Guide, Natalia Kaylin reveals the ingredients of a soulful home, room by room. The impact of a well-designed and soulful home goes beyond pleasing your senses of beauty. It improves your chances to live a successful, happy, and full life. It boosts your creativity, nourishes your heart and soul, and indirectly improves your health.

From ancient Feng Shui to modern Environmental Psychology, Natalia equips you with concepts suited for creating balanced and harmonious spaces. Once you learn to curate your space with a conscious design, you can transform your home into a beautiful, supportive environment for the next chapter of your life.

Besides Amazon the book is available on all of your favorite on-line outlets including Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo and others.

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