Nine Ideas for Sprucing Up your Garden with Feng Shui this Spring

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Looking online for a few ideas

I was looking online for a few ideas to spruce up my outdoor areas and gardens this spring and found some new and interesting items. I looked on Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair, Perigold, Frontgate and a few other sites and found that Etsy is great this spring. It had more choices and lots of new things. I decided to share some things with you in this blog post.

This year the S, SE, N, NE and NW have great annual Flying Stars. Activating the energy in these directions will increase the potential for prosperity, new opportunities and positive shifts. Adding moving water, red colors, lights, and shiny or moving objects will energize outdoor areas and bring beauty and joy.

The south and southeast will benefit from some extra Fire Element. You can plant some red, orange, bright pink or purple flowers in the S or SE of your property. If your front door is in the S, or SE this Peony Wreath or any other red flower wreath will work well. Make sure it doesn’t clash with the color of your door.

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This Outdoor Flower Mat feels joyful to me and would work in the S well, but with a different wreath.

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These Rainbow Color Solar Mobile Lights will add a mysterious vibe at night.

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This Red Flower Metal Sculpture might look excessive, but it could be great fun in some gardens!

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This beautiful Sea Mist Rope Mat has a Water Element feel and is made in Maine from reclaimed lobster rope. It would work well for almost any entrance, especially to add a little extra Water Element to your N, NE, or SE door.

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These Mini Sun Catchers  will create joyful rainbow sparks anywhere in your garden, being especially beneficial in the N, NE, SE and NW this year.

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The NW relates to helpful people and breadwinners. This year the beneficial energy is strong in the NW because of the visiting wealth star #6.

These Bells would be great in the NW.

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I love Buddha Statues in the garden. They bring a sense of peace, tranquility and connection to divine blessings. It is great to place one in the NW this year but if that doesn’t work, place it anywhere in your garden to create a quiet and tranquil area.

il 1588xN.2667268509 flnq

We love Water in Feng Shui! I get a lot of questions on Water Element placement. If you want a water feature, here are a few ideas.

The Water Element is especially beneficial in the N, NE, NW and SE this year.

This Fountain would work well on any patio.

il 1588xN.2621749031 bxe7

My favorite find this year is this  Little Rock-Fountain/Bird Bath that comes in different shapes and sizes. It will make any area of the garden feel special.

il 1588xN.3765998374 584p

il 1588xN.3852517681 76vj

Please let me know if this is helpful or at least fun and I will do the same for interiors soon.

Happy Spring!


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