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The Spirit of Thanksgiving 

It is hard to believe, but the Holiday Season is upon us, and Thanksgiving is almost here. Usually during a holiday season, the to-do lists tend to increase and life can feel more stressful. I wanted to share a few Feng Shui and Soulful Home Thanksgiving tips that help me and may help you to enjoy the holiday season rather than get overwhelmed.

I try to remember that holidays are created for celebration. I believe that it is important for us humans to get out of our mundane day to day existence mode and experience something different. We need this to recharge and allow our body, mind and soul to rest and be filled with positive and uplifting emotions such as gratitude, joy and togetherness.

When I think of Thanksgiving, I feel the Spirit of this holiday. When I think about the origin of this holiday, I am trying to tune into the first settlers and feel what they felt. And then so many generations after them and now our times. Thanksgiving is such a beautiful and meaningful celebration. It’s necessary for us to allow time to feel these elevated emotions and feel connected. It is also important to be able to pass this spirit to a new generation.

I spent some Thanksgivings with people who cook an enormous amount of different kinds of food as well as with people who are frugal and stick to the same simple choices every year. It was great to experience both ways. I am somewhere in-between. I like traditional choices very much but I like to try one new dish every year. The most important thing to me is to enjoy the process of preparation and cooking rather than overdo it and get stressed. When I am connected with the Spirit of the holiday and the tradition behind it, it somehow makes everything easier, lighter and more joyful.

So here are my time proven tips for your soul and your home.

Clear Clutter in these Three Areas

Everyone collected some amount of clutter. If you don’t clean it up, it’s going to create unnecessary tension and stress. But instead of feeling irritated by it and stressed by the fact that you need to clean it, feel how amazing you are going to feel when it is done. There will be lightness and joy in the space. Let this feeling carry you to get started.

  • If you collected some unopened mail, start with opening it and paying all the necessary bills. This will free some space in your mind.
  • Put all the summer footwear away in boxes or on the designated shelves so it doesn’t clutter your entryway or closet.
  • Clean up the fridge from leftovers and open cans that you are not going to eat anymore, and all the expired dressings and sauces. Wipe the shelves.
    These three actions will only take 1-2 hours but will help you to free up some personal energy that is otherwise tied up and creates an unease in your system. This will create a more relaxed state of mind and receptivity for enjoyment.

Please your Senses 

Get a pot with seasonal flowers or herbs for your kitchen. Bright colors create a feeling of happiness, so perhaps getting some new colorful placemats, or new bright kitchen towels or a new entryway mat might be just the thing for you now. For Thanksgiving Day buy some fresh cut flowers and candles. This all will help to uplift mood, and bring positive and fresh vibes to your home.

Open to the Spirit of this Holiday

Take a few hours off for yourself this weekend. I know it is hard, but it is so worth it. Walk in nature, meditate, contemplate on what you are grateful for. Let yourself get filled with the spirit of this beautiful holiday. If you are relaxed, you will feel stronger. If you are filled with joy and gratitude, then your family, your children or grandchildren will feel it through you. It’s not the amount of food that people value the most, but the joyful mood and relaxing attitude. This year wasn’t easy, we need this.

If you have a dining room, you may enjoy this excerpt from The Soulful Home Design Guide:

“Eating in a dining room allows one to create a ritual and tradition. This is a room where we share food prepared with love and care and good, meaningful conversation. This is a room where people share traditions and create strong connections between family members, extended family, and friends. When we decorate the dining room, we want to make sure that the room supports these wonderful aspects.”

I would be thrilled if you consider buying my book as a gift for your friends and relatives this holiday season or spreading the word about it.

I am so incredibly grateful for all the awesome reviews and beautiful emails from readers on how inspiring and useful the book has been for them:

“I loved this book. Found it well written, incredibly inspiring and so so helpful.”

“The writing flows beautifully and this is a wonderful escape from the stresses we live with now, while providing practical options for fixes on a multitude of levels.”

“This book suggests that our homes are 3-dimensional affirmations that can reflect our values and dreams.”

“My favorite chapter was the chapter about decluttering. I live to declutter. So this chapter was so fantastic, and I found myself agreeing with the reasoning in this chapter.”

Please help me spread the message of hope.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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