New Construction Yoga Studio

When the yoga studio owner Becky Bronson decided to move her studio to a different town, she hired me to evaluate the new location. Only after I confirmed that the building had positive Feng Shui qualities, she signed the lease. I worked with Becky and her contractor on the architectural plans to ensure good energy flow and proper room placement. I also specified materials, wall colors and decor. Although Becky loved the previous place, she is completely thrilled with the new one, and has gotten many great comments from her clients.

“With Natalia’s help, my business is now in a beautiful new building and in a space that is very, very special – a space that feels like it is mine. In addition to working with me on the overall design and floor plans, Natalia helped pick out colors for the walls and carpeting, as well as decorative items for the walls and the lobby. She even picked the plants for the studio!

My students LOVE my new space almost as much as I do! In the year since I moved, I have found that most of my previous students are still coming and are being more consistent with attendance. And my overall student base has increased considerably. Because I have a separate private room, I have expanded my private yoga therapy practice, and I also have more teachers, and can offer more classes. Overall, there is a much more vibrant energy about the space.

I am grateful to Natalia for making it a fun and rewarding experience. Thanks to her expertise, I now have a thriving business in a place that I love to go to each day!”

– Becky Bronson


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