Flying Stars for 2022 – The Year of The Tiger

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Highlights and Trends for the Year of the Water Tiger

The Water Tiger (2022) has a very different nature from cold, fearful, confrontational and harsh Metal Ox (2021) and Metal Rat (2020). The elemental composition of the Water Tiger is mostly Water and Wood with smaller amounts of Fire and Earth. This is good news! Wood brings change, movement, growth and new ideas. Fire carries warmth, enthusiasm, openness and joy. Both Elements support hope, positive attitudes, creativity and confidence, including investors’ confidence. These elements will energize the entertainment and restaurant industry and new startups. This is exactly what everyone needs right now.

Tiger is a powerful creature. It has strength, courage and speed. The main theme of the year will be unpredictability, instability, boldness, tension, opposition, and a lot of movement, including traveling. The elemental composition this year will support a more positive frame of mind in contrast to the last two years. Tiger will help to shift attitudes faster and get us out of negative grooves. Tiger is about action, getting things done and fast. Some may see and pursue new business opportunities and make surprising career shifts.

Now for the not so good news. Yang Water Tiger is more restricted compared to other Tigers. Water in general is a very strong Element and relates to deep emotions, perseverance, and communication, but in excess, it can bring fear and darkness. This we could easily see in the past two years. Fear and tension are strong if Water is paired with Metal as in 2020, or Earth, as in 2019. Some remnants of fear will remain this year, but Yang Water is very mighty energy as compared with Yin Water of the last two years. Like the ocean, it is both powerful and unstable. It can bring unpredictable circumstances and a feeling of uncertainty. Although, Water is paired with Wood this year and both of these Elements are in a harmonious relationship, therefore, there will be some harmony within the turbulence.

Overall, it looks like lots of change could be happening this year.  Whatever energy Tiger brings, its timely appearance will help to shift into the post Covid era. Now is a good time to contemplate what we want this year and go for it. If you have any creative ideas, it is time to implement them. Tiger is not a dreamer, Tiger is a doer.

If these universal forces resonate with us and if we can align ourselves with them, then we can ride them and thrive.


12 Animals Zodiac Highlights in 2022

We are well aware that there is no horoscope that can fit all the people belonging to it. Although there are some general tendencies, people respond differently to circumstances around them, depending on their individual level of wisdom, maturity and free will. These qualities will always prevail over tendencies and help us deal with difficulties and embrace joys. I am certain that many were pleasantly surprised by the degree of stability and inner strength they found during these difficult and turbulent times. Times like these are testing us and showing us where we are strong and where we can grow and improve.

There is a lot of information on-line about Animal’s Zodiac Astrology, and different systems do not necessarily agree with each other, although most do agree that Tigers may have a very good or a very bad year. It is best if they exercise caution and carry a Tai Sui talisman. Tai Sui is the God that rules this year, and appeasing him can bring luck. Another very good talisman that helps to reverse troubles into gains is a mystical Dragon, Pi Yao.

The Monkey sign is opposed to the Tai Sui, so you may expect a lot of changes and travel along with some difficulties. It might appear as stress, delays, or money and health problems. It is also recommended to be cautious and carry a Tai Sui or Pi Yao talisman.

The most supported of the yearly energies are those who are born in the year of the Rooster and Rabbit. It is time for these people to shine and go for what they want and at full speed.

The Pig’s and Snake’s luck is better than average.

The Rat, Ox, Dragon, Horse, Sheep and Dog will have some amount of luck but some amount of turbulence and instability too. It is best for them to avoid negative friends and compromising places. The Rat might have troubles with their travels, Ox and Dragon might have health problems, the Horse should be careful about legal matters, Goats might experience obstacles in business and the Dog might be accident prone this year.

Animal Astrology is based only on the year you are born and therefore is not very reliable. Four Pillars or Bazi Astrology tends to be more precise because it is based on the year, month, day and time of birth.


Highlights of the Flying Star for 2022

Four areas that are most pronounced and good to pay attention to are center, SW, NE and NW.

This is an alert for everyone, because the Flying Star 5-Yellow, the most malevolent Star will be positioned in the center of all buildings. Center of the home or business relates to the health and wellbeing of the household or the workspace. Many homes now have an open floor space. This would mean that the negative energy of the center is not contained but can spread and influence other areas of the eight directions (Bagua). If you follow the Flying Star system, you know that 5-Yellow relates to illness, loss and accidents. It is important to remedy this affliction with strong Metal Element this year.

2-Illness Star will occupy the southwest part of the home. This puts more stress on health, especially women will become more vulnerable, because SW relates to a female. Metal Element or talismans such as Wu Lou or Six Coins will help to counteract this influence. Considering that the 5-Yellow is in the center and 2-Illness is in the SW, this year, in addition to Feng Shui remedies, taking better care of your health by exercising and committing to a healthier diet is the wise thing to do.

Now for the good news. Houses that face SW or NE will enjoy a parent string 2-5-8 this year which is considered to be a special combination that sometimes can be extremely lucky. Hopefully, it will neutralize the influence of Stars #2 and #5 for these houses.

Houses that face NE, N and NW this year will enjoy a larger degree of prosperity this year since prosperity Stars are coming from these three directions.


When to place your annual cures and talismans?

The lunar Chinese New Year is on February 1st this year, and the solar New Year is on February 4th. Flying Stars for the year change on February4th, therefore the best day to place your items is February4th, but many people like to place their cures on the lunar New Year which is fine. Any time in between February 1st and February 4th is good for placing cures and preparing the energy of your home for the New Year. If you miss the date, it is totally fine, you can do it later in the month. The best time to place your items is whenever you can take a few hours off from your schedule and do it when you don’t need to rush.

If you feel that the house needs decluttering or cleaning, you might want to do it in the days before you place your items. Therefore doing a little planning ahead of time will be wise.

This year I put together a detailed E-Guide Flying Stars for 2022 – The Year of the Water Tiger. You can follow this link to my E-Shop.

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